by Veronica 10/12/2020

HLM Lakeland – lumber calculator mobile app

An easy and quick way to estimate and buy the right amount of wood. Save time and money with our new mobile application – HLM Lakeland. It’s a mobile lumber calculator that you can download for free from the App Store or Google Play. A lumber calculator will help you save time and money! Are […]

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by Veronica 29/11/2020

10 reasons to invest in Custom Website Development

In the age of the Internet, most companies have their websites. So what to do to stand out from the [...]

by Veronica 22/11/2020

Web design services in the USA – Trend creators for 2021

Every year the number of websites grows. More and more companies are investing in making the website a [...]

by Veronica 12/11/2020

How to create an attractive website? Golden rules of web design services in the USA.

The success of a website may depend on several factors. The most important thing is the design and [...]

by Veronica 08/11/2020

Marotino Software House celebrates its birthday!

A pretty cool celebration is coming soon! November marks the first year of Marotino Software House! [...]

by Veronica 29/10/2020

Why custom mobile app development is better for your enterprise?

Are you looking for new ways to develop your business? You already have a professional website, and you [...]

by Veronica 28/10/2020

Custom mobile app development – 6 reasons why your company should create a mobile app.

In the era of the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, you need to properly take care of your [...]

by Veronica 18/10/2020

E-commerce 2021 – 5 ways to stay competitive in the post-pandemic landscape.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world beyond recognition, not only in the medical sector. [...]

by Veronica 04/10/2020

Want to create a mobile application? Hire a hybrid app development company!

The mobile application market is still growing. It is estimated that soon the number of people using [...]

by Veronica 29/09/2020

Custom website development or CMS. Which one to choose for your project?

The company’s presence on the Internet is an extremely important factor that can affect the rapid [...]

by Veronica 27/09/2020

Mobile app development company in USA. A short guide on how to choose the best company to create a mobile application.

Are you thinking about creating a mobile application for your business? Don’t wait too long! [...]

by Veronica 23/09/2020

Custom website development. What is it? Why does your company need it?

Does every company need a professional website? Yes of course! Read our text and find out what is a [...]

by Veronica

How to choose a Dev Shop for your company?

Nowadays, the presence of a company on the Internet is a must-have. This applies to both small and large [...]

by Veronica 14/09/2020

The best website creators for e-commerce sites.

If your current plans are related to commercial activities, you undoubtedly need an Internet presence. [...]

by Veronica 12/09/2020

How to improve digital skills during remote work?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many employees to work remotely. For many of them, this mode of [...]

by Veronica 06/09/2020

When to use Scrum in your project?

Almost every company uses elements of Agile methodology in project management. At work, you can come [...]

by Veronica 04/09/2020

UI vs UX. Differences between a User Interface and a User Experience.

UI and UX are similar-sounding phrases that mean something completely different. User interface and user [...]

by Veronica 01/09/2020

TEM or DDT. Team Extension Model vs Dedicated Development Team. What’s the difference and which one to choose for your company?

Your company is developing dynamically and you need well-functioning software? Or are you currently [...]

by Veronica 27/08/2020

PoC vs Prototype vs MVP. Which strategy to prefer?

In the world of developers, you have probably heard these three terms many times. PoC or Proof of [...]

by Veronica 17/08/2020

Savvy Insurance

Savvy, tenant screening app was motivated to test the willingness of their Applicants to also obtain [...]

by Veronica 23/07/2020

What is a Minimum Viable Product and how does it work ?

Definition of MVP Minimum Viable Product is a product in early development, with a minimum set of kits [...]

by Veronica 16/07/2020

The Software House

Website development, programming, and application development are currently very desirable services on [...]

by Veronica 13/07/2020

HLM Lakeland

The idea behind this application was to create a simple and quick way for a user to check and order [...]

by Veronica 08/07/2020

How to find a job as a Developer?

You already know what a developer job is and what programming language to choose for yourself. Now [...]

by Veronica 02/07/2020

How to become a Developer? Short guide where to learn programming.

Programming is not a secret knowledge, available only to the chosen ones, as it used to be. Nowadays [...]

by Veronica 30/06/2020

How to become a Developer? From zero to Software Engineer!

The programming profession is considered a dream job. It gives good money, wide development [...]

by Veronica 25/06/2020

Online meeting: comparison of the best known tools for remote work.

The organization of remote work is a big challenge, especially when all team members work in the home [...]

by Veronica 23/06/2020

Scrum vs. Kanban – differences and similarities in project management methodology

One of the key elements of software creation and development is the choice of methods of operation. The [...]

by Veronica 09/06/2020

Flutter technology in app development

Google Flutter is still a fresh software solution, allowing you to create applications for Android and [...]

by Veronica 05/06/2020

Stages of mobile application design

Nowadays, nobody can imagine life without smartphones, or more precisely without various applications. [...]

by Veronica 24/05/2020

Magento 2.3.4 – the most important functionalities

It’s been two months since Adobe released the latest update of Magento 2.3.4 software. During this [...]

by Veronica

The importance of a website in the marketing of the 21st century

Nowadays, the Internet is the best way to develop your business. A well-made website is great for the [...]

by Veronica

SEO PrestaShop optimization

PrestaShop software is a very popular online store management system in our country and Central Europe. [...]

by Veronica

Positioning SEO shop in a web-based platform Magento

SEO positioning of online stores based on the Magento platform are actions aimed at increasing the [...]