by Veronica 10/12/2020

HLM Lakeland – lumber calculator mobile app

An easy and quick way to estimate and buy the right amount of wood. Save time and money with our new [...]

by Veronica 12/09/2020

How to improve digital skills during remote work?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many employees to work remotely. For many of them, this mode of [...]

by Veronica 17/08/2020

Savvy Insurance

Savvy, tenant screening app was motivated to test the willingness of their Applicants to also obtain [...]

by Veronica 08/07/2020

How to find a job as a Developer?

You already know what a developer job is and what programming language to choose for yourself. Now [...]

by Veronica 02/07/2020

How to become a Developer? Short guide where to learn programming.

Programming is not a secret knowledge, available only to the chosen ones, as it used to be. Nowadays [...]

by Veronica 30/06/2020

How to become a Developer? From zero to Software Engineer!

The programming profession is considered a dream job. It gives good money, wide development [...]

by Veronica 09/06/2020

Flutter technology in app development

Google Flutter is still a fresh software solution, allowing you to create applications for Android and [...]

by Veronica 24/05/2020

Magento 2.3.4 – the most important functionalities

It’s been two months since Adobe released the latest update of Magento 2.3.4 software. During this [...]