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Custom mobile app development – 6 reasons why your company should create a mobile app.

by Veronica 28/10/2020

In the era of the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, you need to properly take care of your business. There are newer and newer strong players on the market, so if you do not want to be lost in the competition, you have to follow the trends. The success of an e-commerce store is not only a professional website and strong marketing. Nowadays, it is primarily a mobile application. And although this tool is becoming more and more popular, many companies have not yet introduced such a convenience for their consumers. So stay ahead of your competition and create a mobile application today!

Custom mobile app development

The e-commerce industry is developing rapidly and is constantly looking for new ways to attract new consumers. Each company has a website or social media accounts. However, many smaller companies do not take advantage of the benefits of mobile applications. So let’s take a look at what creating a mobile app can achieve.

Let’s start from the beginning! What is a custom mobile app development? It is a non-standard solution for smartphones and tablets, created according to the customer’s individual requirements. It is an application more extensive than those standard solutions, ensuring flexibility and the possibility of adjusting to customer requirements. Many companies offer software and use ready-made solutions on the basis of which they build applications. This is a good solution if you want to create simple applications at an attractive price. However, if the application for your company is more complicated and should contain unusual solutions, you should consider custom mobile app development.

6 reasons for creating a mobile app

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a mobile application. Here are ten reasons that encourage you to invest in custom mobile app development!

1# Follow the trend

If you don’t want your company to be left behind by the competition, you have to follow trends. And one of them is undeniably the mobile application for your business. People use their smartphones to make daily purchases, ticket reservations, and many other activities. In 2017, the number of mobile application downloads amounted to approximately 175 billion. The data clearly shows that consumers use the application for longer and longer, during the day they can spend an average of 3 hours on them. Mobile applications definitely win over classic web surfing via Internet browsers. Today, we can find almost 40 applications on the smartphones of a typical user. Therefore, we are not dealing with a temporary fashion, but a strongly developing market for mobile applications.

2# Save time and money

Custom mobile app development will save time and money! The greatest advantage of a good mobile app is simplicity and clarity. If finding information about products, locating the nearest store, or placing an order is a matter of a few clicks – customers will be happy to use this tool. Traditional customer service channels, such as phone calls and e-mails, will become a holdover. Custom mobile app development will allow you to maintain a high standard of service without generating high costs.

3# Increase in sales

Thanks to notifications about promotions, discounts, and bonuses, you can motivate customers to buy. The application will enable direct contact with all users who installed it. By sending push messages, you can propose a special offer to your customers. With geolocation, you can also send notifications to customers in close proximity to your store or office. But the biggest advantage of custom mobile app development is the improved payment method. You will make the purchasing process easier and faster for your customers while ensuring increased sales.

4# Build brand recognition

The applications allow you to significantly increase brand awareness – for example by frequent contact with its logo and company communication. Thanks to the mobile application, you can improve your image among the recipients. If the application solves the user’s problem and is appreciated by them, you have a chance that the users themselves will promote it and talk about it among their friends. This way, you will get free advertising for the application itself and your services.

5# Stay in touch with the customer

Reaching potential customers is becoming more and more difficult these days. Emails may fall into the anti-spam filter, and social media posts may lose their coverage due to a change in the algorithms that determine the display of content. In these circumstances, the mobile application is one of the most reliable and predictable tools that allow the recipient to appear in the minds and make regular contact. For example by providing information on current promotions and discounts in the form of notifications directly on the screen. Quick and simple informing the user about the current offer is undoubtedly a great advantage of custom mobile app development.

6# Collect data about your customers

A mobile application can be a great tool, thanks to which you will gather a database of our customers. A rich source of information, providing valuable data about their activities on the Internet. The advantage of the mobile application is that the data can be constantly updated. Those are information about the actual actions of users that are taken every day, not declarative data. These data can be combined with other information obtained from the mobile channel, as well as with data collected from the desktop or offline. You can get audience geolocation data, demographic data, interest information, and many other interesting statistics that you can use. By tracking the way people communicate with your app, you can understand how you can improve it to give them a better user experience. Understanding your customers is the key to success in any business.

Not all companies operating in the e-commerce market fully use the potential of mobile applications. And if the competition in your industry has not reached the strength of custom mobile app development, take advantage of it! If you manage to be one of the first to start using mobile applications as a marketing and sales tool, you can confidently strengthen your position for the future. In today’s highly competitive world, it is necessary to use as many opportunities as possible to educate about the brand, increase its recognition and, of course, increase sales. Contact the professionals who will create a personalized mobile application for you.

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