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10 reasons to invest in Custom Website Development

by Veronica 29/11/2020

In the age of the Internet, most companies have their websites. So what to do to stand out from the competition. What to do to make your company noticed by a potential client? The answer is Custom Website Development. It is a website designed specifically for your requirements, meeting even the most challenging expectations. Find out why custom website development is the best solution for your business.

Your dream website – the custom website development

A professional website is key to the success of any e-commerce business. Therefore, when running an online business, you should ensure the best possible presentation of your product or service. When designing a website, you have two options. You can take advantage of ready-made website development platforms like CMS software, or invest in custom website development.

The first solution is faster and cheaper. Consequently, you can build the website according to a certain repeating pattern. This means that you cannot make changes to it according to your ideas, you have to adapt to the general scheme. Additionally, ready-made platforms are less distinctive, less surprising. Many websites may be similar in several ways. Custom website development, on the other hand, is about building a website from scratch. Your individual idea can be easily transferred to the virtual world using the developer code. That is why the custom website is one of a kind, created according to your requirements and needs. Depending on the development of your business, the website is constantly developing to meet increasing requirements.

10 reasons why choose custom website development

#1 Created according to your business needs

Custom website development is nothing more than putting your idea into practice. Developers design a website from scratch, with no guidelines or restrictions. Thanks to this, your website is unique, one of a kind and the competition can only be envied. The process of designing and creating the website is agreed upon with the client so as to create a personalized design from the very beginning. Also during the work of developers, you can monitor the progress and make changes. Building a custom website is extremely flexible, so even the most demanding customers will get what they dreamed of.

#2 Full flexibility

Another advantage of investing in custom website development is flexibility and configurability. It results directly from the first point because a page created from scratch can contain any element you want. For example, if you want to create an extraordinary infographic that will present information about the individual pillars of your company, the developer will create it especially for you. However, if your website was created on ready-made templates, you could only use selected proposals that may also appear on the website of your competitors.

#3 Great user experience

Understanding your customers’ needs is crucial to developing your business. Your website must be of interest to a potential consumer. It must be visually appealing, contain practical and useful content, and be easy to navigate. As the statistics show, custom website development attracts more consumers, because such a website is more attractive than those built on ready-made templates. It should also be mentioned that while creating the website, you can change and modify it depending on the customer traffic on the website. Developers can change some aspects depending on the user experience. And you will receive a website personalized to your potential customers, which will consequently positively affect the sales or image of your company.

#4 SEO and online visibility

You want your website to be better visible in search engines and well-positioned, invest in custom website development. Personalized websites are attractive to the consumer. Therefore, search engines like Google also prefer them. SEO services work better with custom websites, and you get better visibility in search engines. It should also be mentioned that the custom website ensures design consistency across multiple browsers. Even though Google represents a larger market, some customers use other browsers. A custom website will look the same in all platforms.

#5 Better security

Security is extremely important with any website. Especially if you have your consumer data, such as e-mail addresses, you need to be very careful. Again, custom website development wins over ready-made website development. Custom website development is better protected in case of possible hacking attacks. That`s because the generated custom code is less accessible to hackers. In the case of CMS, the security aspect lies with the company that created the software.

#6 High scalability

Let’s assume that your business is growing at a crazy pace, and more and more consumers are coming to your website. If the website is based on a ready-made template, there is a risk that you will run into problems. In the case of custom website development, it is easier to develop the website, increase its resources, because we are not limited by any scheme.

#7 Better performance

Did you know that about 80% of users quit exploring a website if the load time exceeds 3 seconds? In times of everlasting rush, you need to provide your consumers with quick access to content on your website. Good website performance, fast uploads of photos or videos are crucial for customers, but also affect the positioning of the website in search engines. When using ready-made page templates, you use code adapted to specific functions. And when some of the features are not used, they remain invisible on the website but affect loading time and performance. Custom website development is creating code specifically for your requirements, so you will not find unnecessary add-ons that you do not use on the website, only what is needed. This way, you streamline the entire process, and the website will load much faster.

#8 Price adjusted to requirements

There is an assumption that what is personalized must be expensive. Therefore, many customers may be discouraged by the price of custom website development. However, after analyzing all the pros and cons, it turns out that creating a personalized website is not expensive. First of all, you need to take into account that the price depends on your requirements, less complex pages will be cheaper, but it will still bring you more benefits than ready-made templates. Also, remember that CMS, which you can find at low prices, need to be adapted to your business, which also requires some financial outlay. Finally, it should be mentioned that the budget you spend on creating a custom website will pay off after some time. A professional website will attract new consumers and improve or strengthen your image in the industry. Therefore, hiring developers who will create a custom website is more profitable.

#9 Ongoing Support

By working with a software house who will create a personalized website for you, you gain the benefit of constant support and contact with developers. When unexpected problems arise, you get help and support. You don’t have to be a web developer and don’t have to understand the problem. You just call the software house, and they will fix the problem.

#10 Work with professionals

The last reason why it is worth investing in custom website development is the opportunity to work with professionals. If creating websites and operating on the Internet is not your forte, trust experts. When you hand over your project to them, you don’t have to worry about anything but wait for positive results. A team of specialists will not only create a project for you but also advise and suggest the best solutions.

A professional website is key to the success of any e-commerce business. Therefore, when running an online business, you should ensure the best possible presentation of your product or service. Remember, the more you customize your website, the better your image on the Internet is.

We hope that the above article convinced you to invest in custom website development. If so, check out our offer and contact us. We will create your dream website for you!

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