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Custom website development or CMS. Which one to choose for your project?

by Veronica 29/09/2020

The company’s presence on the Internet is an extremely important factor that can affect the rapid development of your business. Especially in the times of COVID 19, when online reality forced the transfer of many businesses to the Internet. Therefore, your company should also appear on the Internet, start selling there, and offer its services. However, just being online will not bring you success. You have to get it right! Create a professional, functional, and responsive website. Involve your consumers in following your pages, making it easier for them to shop online. Creating a professional website is not an easy task, so you should leave it to the professionals.

Custom website development or CMS?

There is two strategies to choose from when building a website. You can use custom website development, build a website completely from scratch. You can also use a ready-made website development platform, CMS software. Both strategies are used by software houses depending on your needs and requirements.

A standard CMS is a pre-designed software that you can use when creating a website. Such software has designed interfaces and a few basic functionalities needed to design a website. CMS systems are created according to a certain scheme, however, they allow for some changes. The user can personalize the website according to his expectations, but this has some limitations. On the other hand, custom website development is a website created from scratch. Developers usually build it using some open-source framework. However, the website created in this way is fully tailored to the needs of even the most demanding customer.

Now let’s look at both strategies. You will learn how they differ and in which case it is better to apply.


Creating a website based on a standard CMS system such as WordPress is cheaper. However, the price has some limitations. Custom website development, on the other hand, is more expensive but brings more profits. Such projects are tailored to specific customer requirements. They are more durable, more flexible when expanding or changing the platform. Therefore, if you want to save money and at the same time not build a complicated website, we recommend using CMS. But, if you want a website built for specific requirements, we recommend custom website development.

Development time

Creating a website based on CMS is definitely faster. Developers can use plugins and franchises, thanks to which they quickly modify the website. Using ready-made templates greatly shortens the creation time. In turn, the custom website needs more time to create a project from scratch. This is related to the fact that the website is unique and developers can make any changes without restrictions, according to the client’s requirements.


SEO positioning is an important factor thanks to which you can significantly increase your reach on the Internet. In the case of seo, custom website development is much better at positioning. A website created from scratch will better match the preferences of basic search engines.


CMS is related to ready-made functions. This is a good starting point, but as you start to grow and want to implement something more complex, you will face limitations. Custom website development is highly scalable, what you want to achieve depends on your requirements and developer skills.


If you frequently update information on the page, for example by adding posts and news, a CMS is a better option. After all, it is a system designed for content management. Uploading new information to the website is easier and you don’t need a programmer to do that. However, as your website grows, you should think about changing to a custom website or a hybrid solution. Additionally, it is worth mentioning the possibility of previewing content in the CMS system. This is a handy tool that allows you to preview a post before it is finally published. In the case of a custom website, this option is more difficult.


Custom website development is better protected in case of possible hacking attacks. This is because the generated custom code is less accessible to hackers. In the case of CMS, the security aspect lies with the company that created the software.

Custom website development and standard CMS differ in many factors. We have listed the most important of them that will help you decide which one you will use when creating your website. Remember, that you do not have to make such decisions. Ideally, you entrust this task to professionals who will adapt the construction of the website to your specific requirements. You can also contact us! We will help you build the perfect website that meets your requirements.

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