E-commerce 2021 – 5 ways to stay competitive in the post-pandemic landscape.

by Veronica 18/10/2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world beyond recognition, not only in the medical sector. Lockdown and widespread isolation had a heavy impact on the economy. Despite many disadvantages, we can also find positive changes, such as those that have occurred in the e-commerce sector. It would seem that the coronavirus pandemic causing a storm in the world has affected almost every industry. It turns out, however, that e-commerce is doing quite well and is even developing at a frantic pace. New online stores continue to appear on the market, and online sales have soared. Forecasts indicate that e-commerce 2021 may achieve almost twice the growth in global e-commerce.

E-commerce 2021 – challenges and threats

The crisis does not have to be a harbinger of bankruptcy, but contrary to appearances, it may be an opportunity for the development of the company. What became a serious threat to some, others used as an opportunity for development. The e-commerce market has undoubtedly benefited from the pandemic. Online shopping has long since entered the consumer ecosystem, but no one could have expected that the virus would accelerate the noticeable and dynamically growing trend. There is a lot of companies on the global market that have recorded the highest revenue from e-commerce sales so far. With the rapid development of online sales, it is also necessary to mention the challenges and threats posed by the current situation for e-commerce 2021.

Competition and financial outlays

The rapid growth of the e-commerce industry is primarily an increase in competition. Companies that previously operated locally, when entering the Internet, transferred their business to the national market. The challenges faced by online stores are also a quick but effective transfer of the business to the Internet. Creating a responsive website or even a mobile application can take a long time. In the face of the sudden growth of e-commerce and strong competition, it is quite a challenge, especially for small companies.

Marketing and brand visibility on the Internet

Many entrepreneurs treat marketing as an unnecessary expense and abandon it completely, shifting the outlay to other areas of the company. However, efficient marketing is extremely important, especially for online stores. What if not marketing will attract customers to your website? Yes, these are expenses for the company which may take some time to pay off. However, they should not be abandoned, especially since the competition never sleeps!


Fluctuations in the number of orders depending on the season were visible in e-commerce from the very beginning of its existence. Even an inexperienced salesman knew that he could count on sales increases around Christmas or Black Friday. However, so far we have been able to prepare for some changes in advance. But no one has been able to predict the global pandemic and its consequences. Day by day, the demand in some segments grew by several hundred percent, and inventories were shrinking at an alarming rate. On the other hand, in other industries, surpluses were kept in warehouses.

Although the first period of Covid-19 is behind us, it is still difficult to predict the growing demand for specific products. It was also necessary to optimize the supply chain – managing an increased number of orders, contactless delivery of a package, or payment for cash on delivery. Such problems may persist for the next few months, for which e-commerce in 2021 should be prepared.

Threats for E-commerce 2021

The rapidly growing e-commerce market also raises a lot of concerns among entrepreneurs. The most frightening scenario for everyone is a sudden drop in sales due to a return to pre-pandemic selling habits. After a sudden and unexpected growth, to which companies have logistically adjusted, increasing the assortment and the number of employees, financial problems can be expected. Entrepreneurs are concerned about the need to reduce employment or collapse in the supply chain. Currently, many companies have also invested heavily in the development of e-business. However, the unstable situation on the market may cause that these outlays will not pay back, bring the expected profits, and even lead to bankruptcy.

E-commerce 2021 – 5 ways to stay competitive in the post-pandemic landscape

The rapid increase of interest in online shopping, the resulting avalanche launch of new online stores, or new forms of delivery – all this has an impact on the future shape of the e-commerce industry in 2021. So how to properly prepare for the challenges and threats posed by online sales? What to do to keep your e-business in 2021 constantly developing and not recording losses? Below you will find some tips that will help you double your way into the market of e-commerce 2021.

1# An attractive and engaging website

Your company’s website is the basis in the 2021 e-commerce industry. However, creating a website is not enough. The website should be properly constructed to engage the potential consumer. First of all, such a website should be graphically attractive and encourage further browsing. Secondly, it should be easy to navigate, so that a few clicks are enough to easily find the information you need. Third, loading times for graphics or videos should be relatively short. Additionally, the website should not feel crowded or cluttered. Each element should have its place.

Appropriate product descriptions and nice and aesthetic photos are also very important. The consumer will not touch the product when buying online, so you can convince him to buy it with a description and a professional photo. An additional advantage is a possibility of enlarging the product, as well as rotating it 360 degrees. Under the product description, also add reviews of satisfied customers, it is an invaluable help in online sales. All these factors contributed to potentially higher sales in your store, so you have nothing else to do but invest in a professional website, personalized specifically for your requirements. To create a website, contact the Dev Shop, who will assess which website will be perfect for your online store. You can find out more about custom websites in our previous post.

2# Create a mobile application

The mobile application market continues to grow. Customers use applications much more willingly and more often than websites because it can be done anywhere and anytime from the phone. Mobile applications are often easier and more pleasant to use, remember customer preferences, and effectively accelerate the purchase process.

The advantages of mobile applications are speed and ease of use. Dedicated mobile applications work much faster than the online version of the store. They are also designed on the basis of UX for mobile systems. They are easy and intuitive to use, enabling quick transactions. The use of mobile applications by customers in e-commerce also gives the opportunity to better track their needs, and consequently adjust the way of presenting the offer for each of them separately. If you want to create a mobile application for your e-commerce bussines in 2021, contact professionals who will advise you on what type of mobile app will be best for your business. More about mobile applications can be found in this post.

3# Brand promotion

Marketing is an extremely important sphere of business, which, especially in the case of online stores, can bring large profits for your company. First of all, a customer may not hit a given brand at all if it does not run any advertising campaigns. Second, even if he finds an online store, he may have concerns about the purchase itself. So what should be done to implement an effective campaign that will ensure increased profits? First of all, create an attractive and transparent website. Fill it with valuable content and optimize it for SEO.

What else can you do to attract customers to your store? Take care of attractive price promotions, days of free delivery, or better prices for products sold in sets. Although this technique has been known for a long time, many consumers still use it. Remember about your regular customers and be in constant contact with them. Send newsletters in which you report the latest information on an ongoing basis. Also, take care of social media – show what your work looks like now, present your products there.

It should be remembered that the suspension of marketing activities in times of crisis may lower the visibility of the brand and allow the competition to take a more favorable position in the search results and customer awareness. That is why it is necessary to constantly inform new and existing customers about the current functioning of the company and the safety of using the services and products offered. Social media channels are perfect for this purpose.

4# Seo or show yourself in the search engine

Most users start surfing the web with a search engine. That is why it’s important to present yourself well to potential customers right from the start. Companies that are visible in the search engine can count on greater customer interest, which directly translates into a greater number of inquiries, but also sales. Therefore, if you want your e-commerce business to develop quickly in 2021, you must take advantage of the opportunities offered by SEO.

Seo is a rapidly developing field of marketing that will make potential customers quickly find their way to your store. Seo’s job is to optimize your website to improve its visibility in internet search engines and to gain traffic from organic search engine results. SEO is about influencing all the factors that improve the ranking and visibility, not just page construction optimization. It is a continuous process that will ensure the visibility of your store on the Internet.

5# Move your store to the cloud

If your e-business is growing rapidly, turning from local to one of the leading players in the e-commerce market in its industry, and the number of transactions per day continues to increase, you should move e-business to the cloud. In the era of fast e-commerce growth, you have to be ready for various “surprises”, for example, server overload. By using the cloud instead of a server, you will be ready for any situation, be it Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, or maybe lockdown.

Using the cloud also means savings and security. Cloud services allow you to use existing cloud tools, which can be developed and translates into lower costs. Additionally, by choosing the cloud, you can save on infrastructure that no longer needs to physically have in the company. You do not have to incur a one-time large expense on the license and infrastructure. Just replace this with low monthly fees. When you decide to move your infrastructure to the cloud, you pay only for the services you use. This allows expanding the scope of services adequately to the needs of the enterprise. Similarly, the other way around. When you are looking for savings, or you no longer need large computing power or large space for data storage, you change the service configuration and reduce costs.

By storing data in the cloud, counteract the risk of data loss. Cloud service providers recognize that data security is an absolute must. You can also back up our key data and keep it in many different locations simultaneously. Additionally, you have unlimited access to them from any location in the world.

If you are thinking about moving your business online or you have already done so, but you are concerned about what the new year will bring, follow our tips. In the face of the ever-changing situation surrounding the covid 19 pandemics, you should be ready for any eventuality. By following our tips, you will be a strong player in the market of e-commerce 2021. If you want to get more tips or need professional help in creating a website or mobile application, contact us! Our experts advise you on what will work best for your e-business and help you appear in the 2021 e-commercemarket. Contact us by e-mail or estimate your potential project here!