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How to create an attractive website? Golden rules of web design services in the USA.

by Veronica 12/11/2020

The success of a website may depend on several factors. The most important thing is the design and valuable content. The site must have its own style, be unique, and guarantee great comfort of accessing it. It should also be functional and transparent. A web design services ensure that the website has all the above-mentioned functions, by using a few golden rules.

Web design services in the USA – how does the process of creating a website look like?

The web design services deal with the design and development of websites. However, creating a website isn’t just about coding by developers. Before sites come online and start attracting massive traffic, they go through several complex steps.

Web creation process

The first step is consulting with the client, identifying and analyzing what exactly he needs. What matters here are the main goals that the customer wants to achieve and the main target audience. The next stage of work in web design services in the USA is to create a sketch of how the website should look like. The sketch is usually made on a regular sheet of paper or in a graphics program. It should show the arrangement of elements in each view. A preliminary draft is usually prepared during or immediately after conversations with the client.

The client can provide the graphic designer with his guidelines as to the appearance of the website, favorite colors or photos, and images that will be included in the design. Sending links to already existing websites that you like and can rely on when creating a project is also common. This allows a better understanding of the client’s needs and expectations.

The next step is to design the website. At this stage, web designe services will breathe life into the approved plan and frameworks. Once again, the information collected earlier is important, for the process of creating visual content. The design of the website is crucial for the user experience and conversion. So it is imperative to make sure that the site is attractive to visitors.

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The person responsible for the graphic side should know, a sense of aesthetics and be creative. Most often at the design stage, graphics use Adobe XD or Photoshop software. After the web designer completes the project, it`s sent to the client for approval.

Coding is the next stage in the work of web design services in the USA. The coding stage is the point at which the actual website is built. At the moment, the web developer controls all the prototype graphical elements, frameworks, the sitemap, and uses them to create a functional website. When writing the website code, technologies such as HTML, PHP, or JS are used. This process is divided into two parts: frontend and backend.

Frontend, as the name suggests, is the development of the page that users see in the search engine. These are, for example, picture animations, fonts, colors, the general appearance of the page. Backend, in turn, refers to the development of a page related to database and server queries. In a nutshell, it is everything that creates a page but is invisible to the user.

The final step in creating a website is testing. This is probably the most routine part of the page development process. However, does not make it any less important than the others. Testers must make sure that the site is operational and that there are no bugs or problems. After your testers have approved your website, it’s time to roll out your website. At this point, developers sent it to the server or hosting.

What makes a website attractive to the user?

A typical Internet user does not read the page line by line, but scans the most important elements with his eyes, looking for interesting aspects. The visitor of your website focuses attention on the structure, and whether the content is interesting. Regardless of the overall website design, there are some rules that must be followed to build an attractive and engaging website. So what principles are followed by web design services in the USA to create an attractive website?

#1 Responsiveness of the website

In times where having a smartphone is a must have, you need to keep your website mobile. What does it mean? Although the site is ultimately created for desktop devices, it should be legible and transparent also for smartphone or tablet users. Especially, that the percentage of website views on devices such as smartphones or tablets is constantly increasing. What’s more, the currently noticeable trend is to create websites for the mobile view, and only then for the desktop version. The website is supposed to be attractive on phones, not just additionally designed. Many companies lose the fact that their websites eliminate some of the content to match the appearance of mobile devices. Now it seems that the situation will change – the desktop site will be created based on how the site will look on mobile devices.

#2 Ease of navigation

Another golden rule used by web design services in the USA is the ease of page navigation. Websites should be designed so that the user can find the most important elements quickly and without unnecessary searching. Therefore, the website should be prepared under this account and the most important words should be bold and the text should be logically divided. It’s great to put each thread into a new paragraph.

An important function is the ability to return to the main menu by clicking on the company’s logo. The website menu should also be at the very top of the page. In the case of an on-page design, i.e. one whose navigation focuses on scrolling the page, the menu should be glued to the top of your site and visible all the time as you scroll the page. You should also remember about the footer where all important links have to be, such as social media, FAQ, or contact.

#3 Aesthetics and minimalism

Sometimes less is more. This rule also applies to website design. Therefore, there is no need to overdo it with ornaments and additional elements, because these are not always the things that users expect. Thanks to maintaining minimalism, the content on the website is clear and legible, and we do not overload the website.

Therefore, the important aspects are the appropriate selection of fonts, typography, and spacing, a limited number of colors, often monochrome. These individual measures mean that a website can be perceived as a premium website, which in turn has a positive effect on the perception of the brand in most cases. At the same time, minimalism will also be useful in the field of mobile-first – such a design is much easier to adjust and optimize for mobile devices. A good website appearance is also a coherent design. Each of the subpages should refer to the rest, use the same colors, elements, and layout on all subpages.

#4 Adequate photos and videos

The amount of content on the Internet is overwhelming, and each site must compete for the potential audience. Therefore, the best way to attract his attention is through attractive and aesthetic photos, graphics, or videos. The more different types of multimedia materials, and most of all engaging and interesting content, the better for the website and the recipient. However, remember that the graphics should be original and consistent with the website design. You should also take care of the high quality of multimedia, at the same time the right size so as not to overload the page.

#5 Charge speed

According to the golden rules of web design services in the USA, page loading time has a clear impact not only on the algorithms of the Google search network but also on the bounce rate. If a user has to wait a few seconds for the website to fully load, there are chances that he will exit immediately. This is an undesirable situation, so it is worth avoiding it and ensuring that the website loads quickly. To achieve this, it is necessary to apply optimization and minification of graphic materials and limit the number of plugins or add-ons. It all has a big impact on how fast a website launches.

#6 Valuable content

Interesting and valuable content is an important factor influencing the perception of the website. Although the latter principle is not the responsibility of developers, it should be considered. Even if your website is aesthetic, easy to navigate, and responsive on mobile devices, you won’t attract an audience without valuable content. Regardless of the purpose of your website, new content should appear regularly, and a blog is a perfect place for that. Writing articles for a blog not only increases your credibility as an expert but also allows you to better position yourself on Google. Also, you should write the materials for your blog according to specific SEO guidelines, which will give you more views.

Each website has a different design, but certain rules must be followed to build an attractive and engaging website. Creating a website is a complicated process that requires knowledge and experience, so it is best to apply to professional web design services in the USA. Such software houses will tell you what is the best solution for you.

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