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HLM Lakeland – lumber calculator mobile app

by Veronica 10/12/2020

An easy and quick way to estimate and buy the right amount of wood. Save time and money with our new mobile application – HLM Lakeland. It’s a mobile lumber calculator that you can download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

A lumber calculator will help you save time and money!

Are you planning to start construction, but you cannot estimate how much wood you will need? You don`t have to waste time tediously counting and calculating. Our application will do it for you! All you have to do is enter the correct measurements, type, and hardness of wood and you will get a specific result, i.e. The exact amount of lumber needed to build a given thing. You not only save time but also money. The amount of wood given by the applications is exactly the amount you will use. After the construction is completed, you will not be left with unnecessary amounts of wood that you have nothing to do with. It is saving because you only pay for what you use.

You don’t have to be an expert, just download our application that will measure and calculate everything for you. All you have to do is click the buy button, and the calculated amount of wood will be prepared for you.


App Features

The mobile lumber calculator is easy to use and transparent. The application interface has been designed to make navigation as easy and fast to use as possible. After downloading the mobile app, a green screen will appear with five options to choose from. The first function is to estimate board footage. It is an assessment of the exact amount of wood that you will need, taking into account different types of wood and the waste factor. The next feature is to calculate board footage, which is the final prediction of the amount of wood. You can also quickly check current timber prices at your local sawmill.

After making the calculations and estimating the amount of wood, you can order and pay online. Ordering online is a free risk, and easy, because you can order from anywhere, just using your phone. If you have any questions, you can contact the local sawmill, and consult your order. The application redirects you to the sawmill quickly on your mobile.

The lumber calculator application is becoming more and more popular among sawmill shoppers. The number of downloads on the phone is still growing.

App development process

The application development process was smooth and fast. From the moment of consultation with the client and the prototype of the project, we developed the applications and successful deployment within a month. The first stage of the project was to consult the client and analyze the needs of the target consumers. Then, we created a prototype of the application. After its approval by the client, we started the application design process. A total of five developers worked on the project. Two of them deal with design and user experience, the rest created the backend of the applications. The lumber calculator app was positively received by the client and his consumers, which is why we also created android applications.

Technologies used to create the lumber calculator app

When developing the HML Lakeland application, we wanted to find a flexible technological basis for a future product that would allow us to achieve maximum productivity. That’s why we chose Flutter technology. Flutter helped reduce development time by 30% and gave developers the freedom to design a custom user interface. It is one of the most promising cross-platform frameworks made for mobile development. Flutter allowed us to build with a single codebase with full-native performance iOS and Android apps. What is more, Flutter application development has a simplified process of lightning-quick compilation. It takes less than one second between making changes in the code before the changes are reflected in the app itself.

The idea behind this application was to create a simple and quick way for a user to check and order wooden panels at a local sawmill. Judging by the client’s satisfaction and the growing popularity of the application, the task was successfully completed 😉

Download the HML Lakeland app and learn about its possibilities.

Apple store: HLM Lakeland

Google play: HLM Lakeland