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HLM Lakeland

by Veronica 13/07/2020

The idea behind this application was to create a simple and quick way for a user to check and order wooden panels at a local sawmill.

First the client presented its personal suggestion for UI and UX for the mobile application , then jointly we engaged in a creative discussion, and  thanks to that the original design changed significantly. As a result the finished application truly looked like a native Android app.

The receive of the application by the client was very good , to the point that shortly after we got a new  task to create  Android app. The project was made by 5 people , 2 people working on the design version and 3 people working on the mobile apps. We as a team were able to deliver all the software on time  and excited expectation in terms if quality thanks to the careful and thorough understanding  of the clients business needs.


Flutter helped to reduce development time by 30% and gave users freedom of custom UI design.

The next step for our agenda was to find flexible technological basis for the future product that would allow to reach maximum productivity and  in case of changes in design and overall workflow eliminate the need to rewrite everything from the scratch

Flutter which is one of the most promising cross-platform frameworks made for mobile development allowed us to build with a single codebase with full-native performance iOS and Android apps.

Flatter gave us the opportunity to save up to 30% on development time in comparison to similar cross-platform technologies and native development options. Flutter application development has a simplified process of lightning-quick compilation. It takes less than one second between making changes in the code before the changes are reflected in the app itself.


The inherent flexibility of this technology helps as to  implement and to debug  much faster pace—right up to the successful release.

The client was particularly impressed with our performance because our main  focus was  to help them make the best product possible. Another important factor for the project success was the client’s willingness to listen and compromise , it was a learning experience for both as and the client.

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