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How to become a Developer? Short guide where to learn programming.

by Veronica 02/07/2020

Programming is not a secret knowledge, available only to the chosen ones, as it used to be. Nowadays programming is on the top and more and more people want to learn it. Becoming a developer is a right choice because the work is interesting, there is a lot of job offers, and the salary is tempting. Let’s find out how to work as a developer.

As promised in an earlier post, today you will find information how and where to learn programming. Here is a short guide in which we will describe the possible ways to become a developer.


Computer science studies is a controversial topic. Some say it won’t teach you programming. However, others say these years are important for your future career. Let’s look at the pros and cons so that you can decide what to think about it.

Some say that you don’t need a university degree to understand the algorithms. For your future employer your knowledge will be the most important. Another disadvantage of studies is that there are few practical classes, the staff consists of inactive lecturers in the programming profession, the requirements are low, and there are even fewer modern specializations.

Others, in turn, claim that they will never get such easy-to-use development opportunities in many directions. Experimenting, discovering the IT world and making mistakes without consequences. Meet friends for years, become a community of programmers and stand out in it. And of course a university diploma, which you can boast of recruitment.

Bootcamps and courses

They are characterized by high intensity and focus on practical knowledge – the main assumption of this type of training is to prepare an absolute novice to work in the profession within a few months. It’s a great choice for conscious people who know exactly what they want and are able to really do their best in these few months. Learn a few hours a day, experiment, code, create your own projects. The big advantage of the training is also that trainers are often people with professional experience who carry out commercial projects in the IT industry every day, and therefore are usually up to date with current market trends. However, be careful when choosing a school. Even the best course, bears a huge risk of wasted expenses. Therefore, when choosing a course at a programming school, pay attention to the topicality of the educational offer.

Learn by yourself – books and online courses

The least controversial method of learning programming. You don’t lose money, you choose the time and place to study. What is more, you immediately enter the work mode, which consists of independent search for information.

The Internet offers access to dozens of very carefully prepared courses, tailored to each level of experience. This method gives you great flexibility – you can learn at your own pace and choose topics of interest. However, if you need help choosing topics, you will not be left alone. For services such as Pluralsight, Codecademy or Teamtreehouse, you initially solve the test based on which your experience is assessed, and then get a list of recommended courses. Remember that internet courses can also be entered into your CV.
Books are a great source of knowledge, but if you talk about the very beginning of the road – from a novice to the first job as a junior programmer – processing knowledge from books can be difficult.

Finally, a few pages with online programming courses that We can recommend to you.