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How to find a job as a Developer?

by Veronica 08/07/2020

You already know what a developer job is and what programming language to choose for yourself. Now it’s time to start looking for a job on the web. Here is a short guide on where and how to look for a job in the IT industry.


Let’s start with the most important! LinkedIn is an absolute foundation. Before you start browsing job offers, become visible to the employer by creating a profile on this site. Regardless of whether you are a student and you are looking for an internship, or your work experience is 10 years. Not only you can look for job offers, but also recruiters are hiring by the LinkedIn. Therefore, to interest, a potential employer in your profile, update information about yourself and your experience. Add online courses that you have completed. And remember about a professional photo. Although your skills are important, you will not make your first impression a second time.


When you’re looking for a job as a developer, a GitHub account will be useful. Thanks to it, you can share the code you created, improve it together with other programmers, as well as engage in new projects. When completing your profile, it’s also worth adding links to the projects you created. You can also attach a link to your GitHub account to your CV. 

Social media

Another place where you can find an interesting job in IT is Facebook. Advertisements can be found on the profiles of specific companies, but also in groups. You can choose between more general groups, bringing together all offers from different cities and positions, or more specific, divided into individual cities or technologies. When searching for a given group, enter the position, type of work, or language you are interested in. For example Testing, Mobile, Backend, Frontend, Full Stack or Project Manager.

Job platforms

If you are looking for specific job offers in IT containing information such as level of knowledge of required technologies, salary, or work methodology, platforms with job offers are a good solution. You will find here all the most important information relevant from the perspective of a developer. You can create an account on the portal, which makes applying for job offers even easier. In addition, it is worth using the option of subscribing to specified job offers in IT, thanks to which you will be kept informed of all new offers that meet your expectations.

Below is a list of the most popular platforms with job offers, both for experienced and novice developer.

We hope that this short guide helped you in your job search. Also, remember that when looking for a job you can write directly to the companies with whom you would like to cooperate. For example, you can write to us! We are open for ambitious developers😉

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