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Want to create a mobile application? Hire a hybrid app development company!

by Veronica 04/10/2020

The mobile application market is still growing. It is estimated that soon the number of people using smartphones daily will amount to 3 billion. Therefore, having a mobile application by the company has become a necessity and an element that can rapidly increase profits.

Before creating a mobile app for your business, there are some important decisions you should make. At the very beginning, you will encounter a lot of terminologies related to application development, and we will try to explain it. Let’s start with the most important one, i.e. the choice between a hybrid and a native application. A native application is an app created for a specific platform, for IOS or Android. In turn, a hybrid application is a combination of native and web. Marotino specializes in creating hybrid applications and that’s what we’re going to cover in this post.

What is a hybrid app development company? What do they do?

As it calls itself, this company deals with the development of mobile applications using hybrid technology. So what is the hybrid app? It is a combination of a native app and the web app. The core of the hybrid application is written with the help of web technologies such as HTML, CSS or JAVASCRIPT. The application foundations created in this way are then compressed in the native application. Although such an application was created using internet technology, we do not open it in the browser, but as a phone application. It works as its built-in browser, invisible to the user.

What are the advantages of hybrid applications?

The largest international corporations such as Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb use the services of hybrid app development companies. Let’s see the advantages of a hybrid application.

First, the development of hybrid applications is cheaper and faster. You may think that when writing code in one technology, we only give the product to the space of one system (as in a native application). Meanwhile, developers only use one programming language and create an application for use on both iOS and Android. The hybrid app is attractive and transparent. Developers have a whole set of tools to choose from, thanks to which they will build a nice, yet transparent and easy-to-use application. Another big advantage is the possibility of offline work. Hybrid mobile applications can run without internet access, and data synchronization with the server takes place after connection.

Differences between a hybrid and native application

A professional hybrid app development company will create a well-written and optimized application that should not differ from the native application, also in appearance. Thanks to this, the user may not notice that he is using the hybrid. Additionally, its creation time is much shorter than in the case of a native application. Developers from the hybrid mobile app development company write the application once, and it is available on three operating systems. For a native application, we need three different applications written for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Consequently, the costs of writing a hybrid are incomparably lower.

Why should you choose the hybrid app?

Hybrid applications use web tools and do not require a huge investment, so we can recommend the creation of such a program to people or companies that do not have a large budget for implementation. Hybrid applications created by experienced developers do not differ too much from their native counterparts. Thanks to many extensive libraries, the application can have access to almost all functions of currently used smartphones, which makes it very suitable when you need an uncomplicated mobile program that meets its purpose.

Create your application with hybrid app development company!

If you want to create a well-functioning application for each smartphone, meeting the requirements of the consumer, contact the professionals! … Or just write to us! Marotino is a hybrid app development company from USA. We offer a full spectrum of programming services, including the creation of hybrid applications. Our Developers have up-to-date knowledge and tools for creating mobile applications. We provide care for your project, starting from the idea phase, through optimization and testing to creating a working and satisfactory hybrid application. As a professional hybrid app development company, we focus on the agile building of hybrid applications because we know how important it is to optimize production time and costs. Write to us via the website, and you will receive professional help! You can also find us on social media, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.