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How to improve digital skills during remote work?

by Veronica 12/09/2020

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many employees to work remotely. For many of them, this mode of operation is a novelty that brings with it problems: lower efficiency and fatigue. How to switch to working at home so as not to go crazy? How to improve digital skills during remote work?

Here you can find some tips and tricks for effective remote working.

Start and finish time

Be conscious about what time you start and finish the working day – allow yourself to have breakfast and your morning coffee before logging in. And remember to log off when your working day is finished. Also – remember to shut down your PC completely regularly. This allows the latest security updates to be installed in the background.

Share your schedule and stay in touch with colleagues

Make sure your closest colleagues know if you are working from home – update your calendar to show that you are working from home – that way people know to contact you virtually instead of coming to your desk. And have a virtual coffee with a colleague during the day to keep the social life intact.


Reserve time for lunch the same as if you are in the office. It is easy to get stuck at work and only discover that you forgot lunch when the last meeting finishes. Also, try to appreciate spending part of the lunch break on a quick 10 min walk outside, so you can come back to the desk fully energized.

A day full of virtual meetings:

If you have a day with virtual meetings back-to-back, then consider how you can build in a bit of variation during the day to avoid getting a stiff neck and maintaining a bit of blood circulation in the body. Some examples are:

  • Sit at different tables during the day and/or indifferent chairs
  • Stand up during some of the meetings. Some people successfully use their ironing board as desk.
  • A full day of back to back meetings doesn’t allow any breathing space. Try setting up 15-minute meetings. Very often they are enough!
The only one attending virtually

Sometimes we will find ourselves joining a meeting virtually where everyone else is in the meeting room. Never let that be the reason for not participating actively in the meeting. If you find it difficult to get speaking time, then use the feature in MS Teams that are called ‘raise your hand’ (the little hand icon in the tools bar of the call).

If you struggling with technical difficulties during on-line meetings check out our post. You will find out which tools suit your business expectations!

We hope these few tips will help you with effective remote work and will improve your digital skills.