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Marotino Software House celebrates its birthday!

by Veronica 08/11/2020

A pretty cool celebration is coming soon! November marks the first year of Marotino Software House! Although the company’s history had begun a few years earlier, we can officially celebrate our first birthday this month. But let’s start from the beginning!

The beginnings of the Marotino Software House

How are the best companies created? They are born out of need! That’s how it started with Marotino. A few friends working in the IT industry on the US market – professionals in every way… And as it happens with the most talented ones, the market did not meet their requirements, and they had several reservations against it. “Instead of tilting at windmills, you have to take matters into your own hands!” That’s what Cezary, CEO of Marotino Software House, thought sitting on the beach in sunny California. As it is commonly known, the sound of the sea, the rays of the sun, and the rustling of sand magically affect the creative and relaxing process. So when Cezary realized that the IT market needed a strong player with innovative ideas, he decided to take action. He gathered a team of professionals and entered the American IT market. Although the first steps were not the easiest ones, hard work pays off… That is why You are reading this article, and maybe it is You who will take advantage of our offer?

Team of Marotino

We are a dynamically developing startup from California. Starting from a small team, in less than a year we have transformed into an organization of over 30 people. The founder of Marotino Software House is Cezary, who took up the IT industry out of passion, and after many years of work on the market knows it inside out. The other members of our team are Developers with many years of experience. But we also have hard-working interns. Because a fresh look is useful in every company. Our developers deal with both backend and frontend, but we also have experienced full stacks. Our team also includes SEO and web marketing specialists. In words, a team of experts from various fields in the IT industry. The success of Marotino is primarily a harmonious team of young and ambitious professionals.

Our portfolio

Even though Marotino Software House is a young company, we have some cool projects, which we can definitely boast of! So what do we do? We support e-commerce businesses by creating custom and personalized websites and mobile applications. And due to the fact that our team is full of professionals in every way, we also hire them for external projects.

Custom website and custom mobile app development

The two most important factors influencing the success of the e-commerce store are expert custom websites and mobile applications. Our team of professionals creates an extraordinary website created especially for your company or brand. It is personalized or created according to specific guidelines established by you. Its main goal is to meet your business requirements, improve functioning and sales, or contact with customers. And we keep our promises! We have just finished working on a custom website for a well know car cosmetics brand, Geyon. There you can check and evaluate our work.

In Marotino Software House team of developers also create non-standard solutions for smartphones and tablets, designed according to the customer’s individual requirements. We have worked with several satisfied customers and we successfully deployed many applications. One of our signature app is the Crane Guide. This mobile app is the only one in the world that calculates which hydraulic crane you need to do your job. Simplicity and intuition were the main assumptions. The crane database is growing day by day. This app aims to service all manufacturers and models of cranes that exist in the world. See for yourself how helpful the application is in day-to-day project service. Here you can download the application to your phone and check out its possibilities. You can find more info about other custom mobile apps we created here.


And finally, the cherry on the cake. We are planning to launch a completely innovative application soon. It will be addressed to people practicing sports who are looking for the same sports freaks. Pladdo is a user-friendly app designed to help find people and sports facilities. Pladdo will know the user’s sports preferences, availability, and favorite locations. The algorithms will connect you with best-matching places and their owners with no hassle. If you like the idea of Pladdo, check the website and subscribe to the newsletter. We will inform you as soon as the application hits the market.

Marotino Software House is getting older! We wish ourselves all the best! Continued success in gaining new customers, launching professional websites, and creating great mobile applications. And if you are interested in working with a young, ambitious and professional team, contact us! We will write back to you as soon as we finish celebrating and eating our birthday cake 😉