Menusso is an innovative platform set to change restaurant menus.

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Menusso is an app that serves both restauranteurs and their customers. Manage your menu and track the interest in your offer or browse the menu in your language and be confident in what you choose!

Explore all available restaurants before choosing one, or simply open the menu suggested by your location.


Browse the menu in a selected language and from a personal device to avoid touching outdated, traditional menus full of bacteria.


Enjoy effortless and trouble-free ordering thanks to the automatic translation of all ingredients and allergens.


How does it work?

Customers interested in a restaurant can view the menu even before going inside or let the app locate them and show the menu of the restaurant they just entered.A complete list of dishes is presented to them instantly in their language of choice - without waiting, doubts or any hesitation, they can choose items that match their preferences and restrictions.


What customers gain:

  • Guests do not have to wait for anyone to bring the menu
  • Clients can browse menus searching for dining options
  • The menus are translated automatically to the desired language
  • Customers can see details and all ingredients clearly
  • Allergens and calorific values are now easily accessible
  • The in-app menu is always up to date and easy to read
  • Avoiding contact with traditional menus full of bacteria

What restauranteurs gain:

  • No need to constantly print new versions of the menu
  • Detailed analytical data on the interest in the offer
  • Creating a separate restaurant website is now unnecessary
  • The menu is translated automatically on customers‘ devices
  • Ability to add special and limited-time offers
  • The restaurant is visible on a map for people to discover
  • Reducing the time of service which rises the quality

We have created Menusso so that it is as easy to implement and use as possible - hence our app is completely independent of the billing and ordering scheme already used in restaurants. To further strengthen the neutrality of Menusso, our app does not download reviews from other platforms, nor does it allow for adding public comments.

Another significant advantage from the restauranteurs‘ point of view are unlimited possibilities of editing the menu. Whether it is a completely new item to add or just a temporarily unavailable ingredient - they can mark it accordingly, which will help their customers decide and shorten the service time.

We think a lot about sustainability and try to find ways to reduce waste in everything we do - minimising the use of conventional menus is just a first step. There is no need to stick new QR codes whenever something changes - The codes that redirect people to the screen with app store choice (AppStore or Play Store) can be placed just once.


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