Online meeting: comparison of the best known tools for remote work.

by Veronica 25/06/2020

The organization of remote work is a big challenge, especially when all team members work in the home office mode. Effective remote meetings turn out to be the key to success. Below you will find a comparison of best known online meeting tools.


Zoom is an easy-to-use and reliable cloud platform for video conferencing, collaboration, chat rooms and webinars available on mobile devices, desktops, telephones and room systems. It has great call quality, the ability to record, share the screen or raising the paw as someone wants to speak. Also very easy to turn the microphone and camera on and off. It’s free for calls up to 100 people for 40 minutes. If you need to talk longer, then you just go to the same meeting link online again and you have 40 minutes of free video conferencing again. You can also buy the PRO version without time limits.

Google Hangouts

Using this application, you can schedule a virtual meeting in advance so that everyone can confirm (or decline) their presence. This is done using a well-known Google calendar, where you can immediately view the availability of other people (if their daily schedule is shared with other employees of the company). There is a link to easily join the conference. It is also possible to “call” by selecting the generated phone number. The tool has more options than just the transmission of video and audio from many people at the same time. For example, the meeting leader can share his desktop to present participants the problem or display a presentation.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to schedule video meetings with one or more people. The administrator can also organize a meeting for a large number of people, reaching up to 10,000. The meetings can be easily scheduled by sending invitations also to external guests who can use the program without downloading, via a web browser. Microsoft Teams also allows you to share the screen and record conversations. Microsoft Teams is great for companies that already use Microsoft 365.

Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings is more advanced version of the software for comprehensive video conferencing. Designed primarily for larger companies and enterprises (requires payment of a fee), it enables comfortable remote work of entire teams. Using Webex Meetings, we can conduct video conferencing, share your desktop for the presentation of documents, spreadsheets or applications. The organizer can also record the meeting and share the material with people who have not been able to join. It also enables the organization of video conferences for guests outside the company. Just share the link with them. At the same time, up to 100,000 can participate in the meeting. It is worth looking at especially now, because for the time of “quarantine” they lifted the restrictions on a free account and it is possible to create video conferencing up to 100 people and unlimited time absolutely free. is an application for people interested in high image and sound quality. The most important functions of the tool include possibility of video conferencing with up to 250 people (in higher price plans). There is the desktop sharing function and the option of recording the meeting for later publication. The developers also anticipated several more advanced solutions, such as the ability to add annotations directly during a meeting. The tool also works well on mobile devices.

Click Meeting

Click Meeting allows you to share the screen, play slide shows and movies. It also has an interactive screen that allows meeting participants to take over the mouse. ClickMeeting also offers live survey support, so you activate audiences and collect valuable data. ClickMeeting even offers integrations with a number of popular business apps. You can link your Dropbox to have your webinar recordings automatically stored in the cloud, or use Zapier to integrate with an email marketing platform or CRM software.


Skype is enough for the main videoconferences, but popularity has fallen slightly in recent years. It allows you to read calls not only during text conversations or calling several people, but of course also organizing video conferences. The advantage of this tool is the availability on a wide range of hardware, as well as the ability to share the desktop service for use, e.g. presentation.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is enough for private conversations with family and friends. The messenger allows you to conduct video conferences for several people – just in time to organize a virtual meeting with a pack of friends and find out what’s going on. Group video chat on Messenger can be used both in a browser or a dedicated application on desktop computers, as well as directly from a mobile device. This tool is not recommended for remote work due to the poor quality of connections and the small number of participants who can use the application at the same time.


Last but not least. This application has a simple and legible graphical interface in which the main window contains a list of connections, and all conversations are available in a separate window. Jitsi also offers the ability to combine conference calls, spell check mode, group conversations on tabs of one window, emoticons and transfer files between users. For more demanding users, developers have prepared a mechanism for redirecting messages and automatic replies, conversation connections, conversation encryption (SRTP and ZRTP) or the ability to share the desktop view. We use it every day for remote work, so we can recommend it with full responsibility. What’s more, this application is completely free.