Shipment Tracking App

Discover how we created a convenient panel for a merchandising company that takes the e-commerce logistics management to the next level.


Whenever a company scales-up, management is faced with a challenge - how to improve systems within the company to adjust to the new reality - reality of shipping more products more often. However, what most people tend to forget is the fact that improving logistics chain can be done without generating additional costs every month.

As a software company experienced in development of logistics software products, we know only too well how difficult it is to manage many different applications within one company. Manual approach is time consuming, prone to errors and difficult to consolidate the data - generally painful. For this reason, we recommended our client two trusted solutions. First for cost optimization - Shippo, second for e-mail customization - Sendgrid.

A custom tailored tracking tool would not only allow to perform multiple delivery operations within one place but also be open for further extensions. That's where the TrackingMore comes in. Integration with that tool makes it effortless to add full-fledged support for new carriers. In turn, the amount of time spent on searching and printing labels is cut to minimum - regardless of courier company.

Introduction to the project

Our client reached out to us to develop a flexible solution that will facilitate their day-to-day logistics related tasks. He wanted to utilize what he already had and integrate that with additional systems recommended by us.

That would help his business:

  • become easier to manage,
  • relieve unnecessary workers stress by improving communication with suppliers,
  • make sure parcels dispatched to his customers will reach their destination.

Ultimately, it would allow him to keep the whole company's routine well organized and make use of modern automation in the supply chain.

A customer places an order for a custom set of items from the client's e-commerce database.

The order data is sent to a variety of shipping services and CRMs.

The best and the most economic shipping option is selected for the order. The choice is based on location, package size and available options.

The shipment tracking app receives the order information from APIs which can then be accessed through the panel.

Thanks to the integration with TrackingMore software, labels and alerts are collected in the app even in case of very unpopular carriers.

Reason to create a brand new tracking platform

Tracking systems that were already available on the market didn't meet our client's specific needs. For a merchandising company sending hundreds of large shipments everyday, the priority was to simplify the delivery process while keeping the costs low.

By removing complexity of traditional logistics systems, we could display only data that is actually useful. Once it was done, we moved on to the functionality our client lacked.

Thanks to it, the client’s logistics agents:
  • get free from routine tasks,
  • can focus on providing timely and high quality customer service,
  • cut operating costs by working more effectively.


Core features of the application dashboard

Filter orders by carrier, status, activity and number of rows

Visit the tracking page of the particular order

Send automated e-mail notifications with custom templates

Auto assign link label to every order in PDF format

Sort orders by project, address, service, status, date

Check the shipment progress and send alerts if something went wrong

A few words about our client

We worked for a US-based merchandising company. Their core principle is to strongly focus on brand promotion and recognition. They provide branded products with custom logos and details printed on them.

Customers can order anything from accessories like calendars, clocks, toys, desk items to foods and drinks. The product is manufactured on-demand and shipped within a few days. You can place an order both as a retail and wholesale customer.

Our work in numbers

Work period

Nov 2020 - Dec 2020

Period of engagement

Nov 2020 - Present

People in the project


Integrations completed


Time decreased on order processing


What happens when the order is placed?

Application flow

app flowchart
app flowchart

Main Integrations

A blend of tools we put together


  • makes sure that carrier information is always available and up to date,
  • decreases our clients worry about constant need to update carrier API, website and terms of service,
  • allows to gather information about shipping costs from many carriers and significantly reduce logistics costs.


  • makes sending and tracking personalized e-mail messages easier,
  • messages are always delivered on time - which is crucial in logistics business,
  • every person on the list can get a branded message about their parcel journey.


  • allows automatic synchronization of orders,
  • instead of showing carriers tracking page - the end client will now see branded lookup page,
  • makes it hassle free to expand a number of supported carriers.

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