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We offer in-depth consultancy to help you with the business or software-related challenges that occur during the app creation process. We can help with choosing the technology, setting relevant goals, providing valuable split testing and validating your business hypothesis.

POC vs MVP vs Prototype

POC or Proof of Concept

Strategy goal: Is the product feasible?

Proof of Concept is usually a short-term project aimed at proving the validity of applying a given business idea in a specific company. The POC must prove the feasibility of the idea and the possibility of achieving the assumed business results. It is used before the actual product development and before the product is brought to market. When developing a POC, a small project should be implemented to test specific business concepts and technical capabilities.

MVP or Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product is a product in early development, with a minimum set of kits that is sufficient to launch it on the market for customers seeking an initial evaluation. The whole concept is based on testing your business ideas against real, hard numbers generated by real customers, rather than on hypothetical values. It is about testing the product under market conditions and gathering opinions about it as quickly as possible.


Strategy goal: How will the product function on the market?

A prototype is a sample, preliminary visualization or product released to test the concept. The prototype strategy is usually used to detect errors in the system. While creating a prototype, developers test product design, usability, and functionality. Prototypes help create the appearance and logic of the application. It helps test how customers use and react to a given project.