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We can build custom web and mobile applications from end to end, for any device. Regardless of the initial idea, we will guide you through the whole software development and graphic design process and help you with further app development, both technology and business-wise.


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Web Custom website development or CMS?

Is a professional website, created especially for your company or brand. It is personalized or created according to specific guidelines established by you. Its main goal is to meet your business requirements, improve functioning and sales, or contact with customers. A professional website puts you in a better position.


We know how important the appearance and experience of use are in your company and for your customers. We build fully-responsive, fast and user-friendly web pages crafted for your users needs. Your web application will work for every screen size.


Our websites have radically reduced page load time thanks to great rendering speed. Faster speed pushes more users to explore the web page and convert easily.


Meet the user-friendly app designed to help you find people and sports facilities, and let it set everything up for you in a couple of seconds.

Sportty is a robust and modern solution for active people that connects them using advanced matching algorithms. The application helps people to find sports partners without any additional effort. We implemented a java based back-end system for handling mobile and web applications. This included REST API exposure and advanced authentication implementation connected with firebase and different platforms.


We know how important functionalities and acceleration of your business are.

Huge community

We use the most popular programming language in the world with a huge community of developers that helps to solve issues fast and in a good way.


Web applications can be easily developed, and thanks to a big number of free extensions and libraries, adding new website features is a very easy process.


We use libraries and frameworks to deliver a high-level of security and prevent malicious attacks.

6 advantages of a custom mobile app that will skyrocket your business

What is a custom mobile app development? It is a non-standard solution for smartphones and tablets, created according to the customer’s individual requirements. It is an application more extensive than those standard solutions, ensuring flexibility and the possibility of adjusting to customer requirements. Many companies offer software and use ready-made solutions on the basis of which they build applications.

Mobile applications for Android

React Native development services can be used to develop Android applications that feel and perform in every way as well as mobile apps written in Android’s native language (Java). What’s more, developers can use both JavaScript and Java simultaneously. By communicating with the native SDK and working in the background to bring UI elements to the user, it doesn’t run into many performance problems typical for frameworks that take advantage of WebView.

Mobile application for iOS

The same goes for iOS mobile applications. React Native communicates with Apple’s system native platform to serve ready-made elements of the user interface. It can be used alongside programming languages typically used for iOS development (Objective-C and Swift). Best, a lot of the code written during React Native app development can be used to build both the Android and iOS applications. Code reusability often results in shorter development time and better performance. You can even build a single app and release it on both Android and iOS.

With a bright and intuitive interface, FunofLanguages lets you naturally progress at your own pace. You start with simple phrases and gradually move to more complex sentences. It’s amazing how quickly you can pick up the basics without even realizing it. App is designed for iOS Devices, written in Swift using SwiftUI.