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TEM or DDT. Team Extension Model vs Dedicated Development Team. What’s the difference and which one to choose for your company?

by Veronica 01/09/2020

Your company is developing dynamically and you need well-functioning software? Or are you currently working on a large project and need more qualified employees? This is the best time to become more familiar with the terms Team Extension Model and Dedicated Development Team. Let’s find out what’s the difference between TEM and DDT and which one is better for your project.

Team Extension Model or Dedicated Development Team are terms that describe ways of working with software developers. The selection of the appropriate model will help your company maintain the budget and timely implementation of key projects. If the project is small or you have a sufficient and experienced team of developers, you will be interested in TEM model. However, if you are dealing with a large project or finding experienced and professional developers take too much time, you should think about DDT model. Below you will find the characteristics of both strategies and their advantages, which will help you choose the perfect one for your project.

TEM or Team Extension Model

The Team Extension Model is ideal for small to medium-sized projects. In this model, you hire one or more developers who have specific, required skills for a given project. In this way, you assemble an IT team consisting of professionals, dedicated to a specific project. TEM is a way to acquire or add to your current development team the missing skill set while maintaining the strategic competencies of your employees.

The advantages of TEM include the fact that you remain in control of the entire team. Newly hired programmers are complementary to an existing team, not an independent group. You distribute responsibilities between all team members, both internal and foreign and maintain direct communication between you and the team. TEM also provides full team motivation, both internal and newly hired employees feel full responsibility for the project.

DDT or Dedicated Development Team

The Dedicated Development team is a perfect solution when you are working on a large project and you want to delegate some responsibility to a group of specialists in a given field. In this model, a group of external programmers works on your project full-time. It is a good solution when you don’t employ trained, specialized staff. Additionally. You gain time to work on the core competencies of the company.

The big advantage of the DDT model is the time you gain. You do not waste it on hiring developers, you only work with a group of specialized employees. The Dedicated Development team takes full responsibility for the project and selects appropriately qualified team members. During this time, your employees can focus on their daily duties and tasks. But it is important to choose an acknowledged company that will take over the responsibility for your project. You must have full confidence in them.

TEM or DDT? Which one is better?

There is no simple answer to this question. Before you decide to choose one of the models, you should carefully analyze your business needs. If you want to build a foundation for a strong IT department, we recommend choosing the TEM model. Nevertheless, remember that the beginning is not always easy. The return on investment using the TEM model will be much longer than with the DDT model. However, if you want to finish work on a project quickly, we recommend DDT. Such a team will take responsibility from you and will do it professionally.

The cost of working in the TEM and DDT models is usually similar, however, this should not be the reason why you choose one of them. When deciding between two of them, you should focus on the needs of your team and the expectations of your customers.