Creating interfaces that make you want to use them.

The design is the first way of connecting with users - this is why it is so important. The interface must be inviting, user-friendly and balanced. It is easy to go over the top and give your project too many features. The experienced Marotino design team is skilled at creating tasteful designs that underpin the user experience of the whole interface.

Our specialists are at your disposal - whether you already have a vision for your project or have no idea how to make it work - our team will be more than happy to assist you and make sure the product you are about to launch is top quality. Our designing process starts with getting to know you, your idea and your future users - it is the key to creating high quality, custom interfaces. Preparing functional prototypes using software like Figma ensures that the design process is heading the right way.

UI/UX Hero

Over the last years, we have gathered design experience on projects making mobile apps, websites, custom software and even an NFT game. Even though all our projects required creating the strategy for layout, structure and design - they were all different and needed an individual approach. To this day, we have successfully built multiple interfaces and each has its own character.

"A user interface is like a joke.
If you have to explain it, it's not that good."

-Martin LeBlanc


Software must be intuitive. Since technology has become a part of everyday lives, people have managed to get accustomed to it and now have expectations for it. An Interface is good when it is built around them.


The design cannot be over-complicated - it may confuse people, limit the functionality and even deter users. Our designers know that and have all it takes to make the design elegant.


It is not enough to make the design simple - it still must have something that makes it aesthetically appealing. We create designs that keep users engaged and make your product stand out


The true beauty of the design lies in its usability. An ideal balance between form and function is the thing we strive for. We think that functionality completes the way the interface work.


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