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Web design services in the USA – Trend creators for 2021

by Veronica 22/11/2020

Every year the number of websites grows. More and more companies are investing in making the website a full-fledged showcase. Therefore, it is more and more difficult to stand out and be up to date with trends. Check out what you have to do to make your website modern. What trends and principles of creating websites will be applied by web design services in the USA in 2021? Here are a few of them.

8 innovative trends in web design service in the USA

Each company wants its website to be unique so that it will be remembered by potential customers. Unfortunately, there is no universal rule that must be followed when designing your website so that it is always up-to-date, fresh, and attracts the attention of visitors. Trends in web design change practically from year to year. We can do nothing but try to match them as much as possible because they reflect the preferences of the majority of recipients, both visually and usable.

#1 Mobile first design

Nowadays having a smartphone is a must, so also you need to keep your site mobile. What does it mean? The website which is created for desktop devices should be also readable and transparent for users of smartphones or tablets. Especially since the percentage of page views on devices such as smartphones or tablets is constantly growing. What’s more, currently a new trend is to create websites with a mobile version in mind, and only then for desktop computers. The website is to be attractive on phones, not just additionally designed. Many companies are missing out on the fact that their websites are eliminating some content to match the look of mobile devices. Now it seems that the situation will change. The desktop site will be created based on how the site will look on mobile devices.

#2 Minimalism

Minimalism does not go out of fashion. We have been observing this trend for several years. But in 2021 it will be present again in the design of websites. The great advantage of minimalism is the fact that recipients equate it with the concept of premium. That is why web design service in the USA adheres to the principle of minimalism. Thanks to which they give the style and transparency of the pages.

#3 Dark theme

Already in 2020, we could see that mobile operating systems and many mobile applications introduced the so-called night mode that intelligently inverts light colors and chooses a dark counterpart. Initially, it resulted from the desire to save as much battery as possible in mobile devices. It was so well received that desktop websites also began to introduce such a function. Users praise this feature very much, if only because they can browse the website in the evening without blinking their eyes.

#4 Asymmetry

One of the most interesting trends for 2021 is asymmetry and shifts. Until recently, web designers believed that a good and transparent website is due to symmetry, perfect. Today this approach is considered boring. Web design services in the USA more and more often use asymmetries and irregularities to diversify the website and attract the attention of recipients. Additionally, non-standard elements on the page are associated with a high-quality brand and give the feeling of premium. Asymmetry on the page is applied for example in the photo gallery. In the desktop view, small thumbnails are often scattered across their width and height. Although it looks quite unusual, you can successfully use such a maneuver in the content on various topics.

#5 Drop-down menu

It`s another trend that comes from the design of mobile applications. When browsing websites on the phone, we can very often come across a menu in the form of a hamburger or another similar shape, the pressing of which will expand the menu. Today, more and more desktop versions of websites are also going in this direction.Which we can consider as a new trend for 2021.

#6 Carousel overview

A review of photos, articles, or products in the form of a carousel is a response to the growing idea of ​​mobile-first, i.e. creating websites for the appearance of mobile devices. The so-called carousel is convenient and quick for collection. This element combines an aesthetic design with the possibility of placing many different elements (of the same type). Thanks to which it will be perfect as a gallery, section with customer reviews, or products to buy. This trend is definitely recommended by web design services in the USA.

#7 Scroll the page by touch

Scrolling by touch on mobile devices is nowadays an obvious functionality. So why not make it easier for desktop device users to browse the website in this way? It is intuitive for the user of a mobile device, therefore it is necessary to allow for such service when designing a website. This is a strong trend that will stay on the market for some time. So web design services in the USA are increasingly adding such an opportunity when creating a website. It is also worth mentioning a similar element – parallax scrolling. The effect is that as the page and background are moved at the same time, the text stays in place, allowing you to get your attention. It should be remembered, however, that the website must work very quickly.

#8 Interactivity of the site

Year by year Internet users are becoming more and more demanding, so if you want to keep them on your website, you must follow the trends. The trend that engages your potential recipients is the interactivity of the website, i.e. the response to an activity performed by the user. This can be, for example, enlarging a photo or starting a video of a clip when the cursor is on a given element. This trend has been around for some time and will probably stay longer.

It should be noted, that the collection of trends is an inspiration and some kind of tips, and not a literal instruction on how to create a modern website. While many of the ideas and trends are shown in this article may be eligible for immediate implementation on your website, there are always a few points to consider. Do modern trends work for your website and will they be longer solutions? Will they stand the test of time, or are they just a short fashion craze? And the most important thing is whether the selected trends are consistent with the brand and its communication and whether they will fit the target group. Designing a nice and clear website is not an easy task. Therefore, it is best to leave it to professional web design services in the USA.

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