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Why custom mobile app development is better for your enterprise?

by Veronica 29/10/2020

Are you looking for new ways to develop your business? You already have a professional website, and you had invested in marketing? It’s time to consider creating a mobile app. Not only will you accelerate and facilitate the use of your e-business services, but also improve your recognition and attract new consumers. And if you want to stand out from the competition. If you want to create an unusual, personalized application, you should consider custom mobile app development.

Why should you invest in custom mobile app development?

Let’s start from the beginning! When creating a mobile application for your company, you have two options. You can choose a mobile application which is created on the basis of ready-made frameworks that will be tailored to your requirements. It is a faster and cheaper method of creating an application, but less flexible.

On the other hand, you can choose a custom mobile app development. It is creating a mobile application completely from scratch, taking into account all your requirements. Such an application is completely personalized for potential customers, it stands out from other applications by using non-standard solutions. Its greatest advantage is flexibility, unlike ready-made frameworks, the custom mobile app is completely tailored to your requirements. Developers, while working on the application, can introduce various changes depending on your specifications. You can focus on the demands of future customers and improve business services. Custom mobile app development is a denouement thanks to which you and your clients will receive the best possible solution.

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Let’s take a look at the advantages of custom mobile app development.

1# Custom experience

One of the most important factors determining customer satisfaction with the application is user experience. If you want to avoid your customers leaving the app, make sure that the interface is attractive, smooth, and easy to use. Custom mobile app development will be the best for this because it will create an interface dedicated to a specific target group of your customers. The research and surveys that Dev shop conducts will help create an attractive mobile application that will engage your customers.

2# High scalability

Regular applications usually have a limited number of resources and processes. In turn, non-standard applications take into account all parameters at the beginning so that I would not be too overloaded. However, when the need arises, the custom app can be easily scaled.

3# Ease to maintenance

Custom apps are easier to maintain. The application that has been created from scratch for your company is controlled by programmers who know the code from the beginning . All possible errors become easier to catch and remove.

4# Better security

Custom applications are generally safer because security measures will be taken in line with business needs when creating the code. When creating a mobile app you can choose between local storage, cloud, or specify different levels of authentication. So custom apps made just for your business are safer.

5# Customer involvement

Custom mobile app development provides customers with personalized solutions, which draws them in and engages them. Streamlining the sales process guarantees higher profits. In addition, you can introduce such conveniences as push notifications informing about current promotions or geolocation telling the customer about nearby stores. Additionally, the applications enable access to customer data. Thanks to the feedback, you can improve some functions, which will affect a long-term relationship with the customer.

The very creation of an application and its proper testing, requires additional effort and money. Promoting, informing about the app to potential customers, everything costs. However, is a satisfied customer, who will be more likely to use our offer after installing the application, not worth this investment?

We hope that the above articles inspired you to invest in custom mobile app development for your company. If the answer is YES, contact us! Our team of professionals advises you on the most suitable options for your enterprise. We also carry out the entire process of creating the application, from idea to successful deployment. Write to us or estimate your project here.