We are a software development and design company from California. We build custom web, mobile apps, SMBs and startups.

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Looking for ready-to-go skilled software developers? Our unique approach helps us match your project with the most suitable people for it. Our team covers everything from UX/UI design to numerous programming languages, testing and project management. All about delivering professional solutions.

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We can build custom web and mobile applications from end to end, for any device. Regardless of the initial idea, we guide you through the whole software development and graphic design process and help you with further app development, both technology and business-wise.

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We offer in-depth consultancy to help you with the business or software-related challenges that occur during the app creation process. We can help with choosing the technology, setting relevant goals, providing valuable split testing and validating your business hypothesis.

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Case studies

Shipment Tracking App


A web-based platform to streamline logistics processes and improve customer service. The shipment tracking app helps to:

  • Integrate new carriers into delivery processess within the system.
  • Clearly see what's happening within the supply chain.
  • Send personalized e-mail messages and alerts to clients.
  • Reduce operational costs and time spent on order processing.
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Robust and user-friendly social app designed to help you find people and sports facilities.

  • Makes it easy to find sports facilities and pay for them upfront.
  • Drastically decreases the time spent looking for a place to play.
  • Encourages facility owners to rent places to local people.
  • Thanks to novel UX, Pladdo can be setup in minutes.
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Marotino's way to buildSUCCESSFUL SOFTWARE

Situation assessment


Our goal is to create business software that helps you achieve desired goals. We start with an assessment of your situation. Once we collect requirements and objectives, we choose the right talent. In turn, your software is ready for dynamic growth and is produced within strict budget. Thanks to it we make sure:

  • Our approach is goal driven and specific industry oriented.
  • Teams are tailored to your needs and tech stack.
  • We can meet client's deadlines and estimations.

Emphasis on collaboration


In the software world, communication translates to rapid and constant results. In our teams both developers and designers put a strong emphasis on information exchange. Our pro-active attitude ensures:

  • Rapid delivery of PoC to adjust feasibility of the product.
  • Tailored user experience that keeps users coming back.
  • Custom technical solutions to make your audience satisfied.

Full compliance with modern standards


The long term health of your software is the reason we can call ourselves successful. Our expert approach to quality assurance and test-driven development helps you:

  • Reduce monetary risks by eliminating code bugs.
  • Make sure there are no errors during the launch.
  • Reduce the total number of iterations and time spent.

Complete software maintenance


Superior quality of the final product is provided by continous maintenance and room for improvements. We craft applications that are interoperable within popular ecosystems. Your team will never encounter issues with integration of our software. Work with us guarantees:

  • Custom technical assistance available at all times.
  • Functions of the product crafted with evolution in mind.
  • Accordance to legal standards of the industry.

Industries in focus

Logistics for e-commerce

Our experienced developers work along logistics experts. Together we can design complex transportation management systems and tracking apps that streamline a variety of shipping processes. At Marotino we provide unique features created on-demand. Our solutions wlll provide your staff with tools mandatory to replace ineffective reporting tools and spreadsheets.

Better warehouse management and reduction in costs is ensured by data collection based on multiple data-sources. This is reflected in order distribution automation, real time shipment status monitoring, material coordination, freight consolidation, route planning, invoicing, fleet management and better scheduling. Marotino covers all of your business processes.

We make sure modular systems crafted by us use modern architecture that can be easily extended or used by other services. The result of our work is aligned with governance and regulations.

Our logistics systems are a sureway to increse the number of your happy customers.

Internet communication

We build software that prioritizes communication devices. Building internet community software is especially challenging in terms of security. Our strong experience in this field allows us to build apps that allow business processess to run flawlessly and without unnecessary roadblocks. We collect data from multiple data-points and in turn efficiently decrease the constant need of adding more manpower.

Since we know safety is the key to success on the internet, our solutions provide users with automated tools that make sure their business can operate continuously. Our software helps to crawl the internet without interruptions or gaps. We have everything you need to increase success rate of sending e-mails and collect data that manually requires months of manual labour.

Our services help you automate almost every task on the internet.

Lifestyle and social

Marotino engineers design innovative software for active people and sports lovers. We help utilize and facilitate things that normally would occur at a much slower pace - or completely manually. As in every other industry, we collect data that we later use in our business procesess.

Thanks to our lifestyle software we make people lives significantly easier. Ask yourself a question how many times you've been troubled communicating others before playing. You'll find the answer at Marotino.

Our apps help enterprises like gyms and sport facilities with routine processes. We create full-fledged communication solutions that make it easy to social and enjoy sports at the same time. Our tools are capable of tracking and automating common tasks. We help to track and navigate sport facilities history to make the routine pleasant and free of oblique situations.

Our expertise

CMS Software

Marotino works with CMS software and offers complete extension development. We go one step further by implementing cloud services and headless solutions. This is an ideal choice for people who want to ramp up their marketing and sales strategies.

Third Party Integrations

Our teams have many years of experience in working with third party tools. We use APIs to integrate existing solutions into freshly developed systems. Connecting multiple applications comes easy to us.

Cross-platform Development

Current mobile marketplace requires expertise in multiple technologies. Thanks to our comprehensive approach, delivered solutions can be accessed accross different devices and platforms.

Technology Consulting Services

Marotino helps you at every stage of your project. We verify concepts in the PoC process, design MVPs and choose optimal technologies. Also, our team comes up with an architecture and conducts code reviews.

Custom Software Development

Marotino builds apps with business value in mind. Our goal is to cover all the needs and deliver them within the specified timeframe. When prototypes are ready, we enhance them with original UX and UI solutions.

Software Reengineering

Creating software from the ground zero has many cons. Bearing in mind the working time of other teams, we do our best to rebuild currently existing solutions and prepare them for the future.

DevOps Services

We realize there is a lot of technical work around development. Marotino DevOps specialists will optimize your processess and ensure the highest software quality. Our offer covers quality assurance, testing workflows and continous integration.

End-to-end Solutions

Marotino streamlines your business processes with complete business solutions. We make sure our developers create software in accordance with company's culture, preferred integrations and interactions.

Marotino Your technology savvy business partner

Thanks to over 10 years of experience in enterpreneurship, technology and numerous industries, we are ready to craft custom software that will suit all of your business needs and provide strong commercial value.


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