We are a custom software development company from the USA with a team of software developers in Poland. We take care of all the activities connected with software development. Starting with a strategy based on your idea and requirements, we work on everything: prototyping, implementation, design/redesigns, DevOps, web hosting solutions, SEO improvements - all the way to advertisement adjustments and support.

You share your vision and your goals...

Share your ideas, requirements, and expectations with us. We'll look into your project free of charge!


...we do the rest

First, we thoroughly investigate your requirements. Then, our specialists compare them with all available tools and methods. That lets us identify the best possible solution for your project.


What you get:

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Detailed project scope based on our experience

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Realistic cost and time estimations

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Professional analysis and advisory on your project.

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Presentation of recommended tools and methods.


Let's work Together!

Whatever your plan is - the first step towards creating something brilliant is getting in contact with us.
Do not hesitate and talk to one of our specialists about the best strategies to launch your product.

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